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Pilates with
Diana Broker

Strengthen. Stretch. Align.


Move your body, change your life.


Diana took her first Pilates class at San Francisco State University at age 21. After witnessing her dance technique skyrocket when she paired dance training with a Pilates program, she was hooked. In 2006 she received her B.A. and went on to dance professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her knowledge of Pilates helped her stave off injury as she navigated rigorous dance training and a demanding performance schedule. Eventually Diana had a desire to "go deeper" and pass this magical Pilates knowledge along to others. She received her comprehensive Pilates teaching certificate in 2008 through ITT Pilates in San Francisco. In 2016, she wanted to add more to her "teacher's toolbox" to better serve her clients and completed her training as an Integrative Movement Specialist with IIHF Chicago. Diana teaches customized private lessons, group classes and workshops. She is known for her creative workout designs, intuitive teaching skills and keen emphasis on proper alignment. Diana helps those with chronic pain, joint replacements, spine issues and osteoporosis. She also works with pre/ post natal women, seniors, athletes and dancers.


Pilates, corrective exercise, and cross- training for dancers.

Pilates Practice at the Studio


The contemporary Pilates approach combines classical Pilates work and functional training. Sessions are intended to mobilize joints and strengthen the core to stabilize the spine and pelvis. Exercises are practiced on specialized low- impact spring loaded equipment, or on a mat with small props. Each program is customized- designed to help you meet your specific fitness goals! House calls are available for pre/ post- natal women. 


Is your back unhappy when bending over? Do you experience discomfort when raising your arm to reach a shelf? Does your knee hurt when walking up and down stairs, and you've already completed physical therapy? Have you learned to "just live with it?"
It doesn't have to be this way...
Assessment and corrective exercise sessions begin with a detailed health history followed by range of motion checks and muscle testing. The assessments will address areas of concern and determine a clear course of action. Next a corrective exercise program will be designed to increase strength, mobility and create symmetry in the body.

Contemporary Dancer


Pilates is an excellent supplemental program for novice and professional dancers alike! The "Pilates for Dancers" program focuses on proper use of the core in order to build stamina, increase flexibility and ultimately find ease in the movement of dance. Customized sessions include... 

  • Movement/ alignment assessments

  • Exercises on the Pilates equipment and mat

  • Home exercise/ stretching program



  • Payment is due at the time of service. Types of payment accepted: cash, Apple Cash or Venmo.

  • Cancellation policy: all sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of time, otherwise you will be charged the full amount of the service.

  • Attire: Please wear comfortable, form fitting clothing that you can exercise in. No loose fitting clothing or jeans- I need to be able to see your alignment and give corrections as needed. 

  • For your first appointment, please arrive 10 minutes ahead of time to fill out a liability waiver. For virtual sessions, you will receive this form electronically ahead of your appointment. 

Ready to book an appointment or consultation? Fill out the appointment request form at the bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you! 


I began Pilates well over a decade ago - driven by incapacitating back pain (too much sitting for work). I have a tendency to pick up and discard hobbies like the seasons, but  Pilates has really stuck with me. I've worked with Diana for most of my Pilates journey, and I've had amazing teachers but she's the best I've come across. Thanks to Pilates, my ability to control my body & mind has absolutely exploded. Diana is able to motivate whatever "me" shows up that day and I leave with a level head and no regrets. As I age, I'm seeing the benefits of a consistent practice that focuses on core strength and mobility. Diana and the way she teaches Pilates lifts your mind, body, and soul- every single time. So I've stuck with it. And having something you can stick with - IT'S IMPORTANT.

~Paul, San Bruno

I have been practicing with Diana since the pandemic.  She has helped me in so many ways!  I had 2 hip replacements and continue to recover with her help.  She is able to focus on the specific, small muscle groups in my hips which are important for balance and mobility.  She uses a variety of strength and lengthening exercises every session and keeps it fresh. I also have osteoporosis and neck issues and she has helped me with pain and stiffness in those areas.

By the end of our sessions, my pain is greatly reduced and I feel invigorated!

~Pat, Templeton

I first contacted Diana  6 years ago inquiring about Pilates after a back injury. I had recurring back pain that would keep me from going to work periodically.  What was most appealing was the one-on-one and "duet" sessions she offered rather than a large class with little personal attention. Since starting Pilates, my core has become stronger, and I have not had any episodes of debilitating back pain requiring time off work. I have become more aware of how my body should move and my flexibility and balance have improved. Diana is always encouraging, and an expert at ensuring my body position is correct-  even in online sessions.  She continually asks about specific concerns and adapts each session to accommodate my needs.

~Tim, South San Francisco

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